In support of our farmers


An Evening for farmers

Join AID Seattle for an evening to celebrate the work made possible through donors and friends like you! 

Program Highlights:
Meet P. Sainath, Renowned Journalist, founder of PARI,  
Ravi Kuchimanchi, founder of AID, inspiration for Swades movie,
and Kiran Vissa, a long-time activist working on sustainable agriculture
Learn more about the projects in India that you support
Interact with AID supporters and volunteers


P. sainath

P. Sainath is s an Indian journalist and photojournalist who focuses on social & economic inequality, rural affairs, poverty and the aftermath of globalization in India. He is the founding editor of the People's Archive of Rural India.

ravi kuchimanchi

Ravi Kuchimanchi founded Association for India’s Development (AID) in 1991 with the vision “problems are interconnected, so must be the solution.” 

kiran vissa

Kiran Vissa was a key AID figure since its formative years and has worn many hats of leadership and organizational roles.  After several years of volunteering, Kiran quit his job in the USA and is now based in Andhra Pradesh, devoting his full time to social issues. Kiran’s focus interests have been agriculture and farmers’ issues, consumer awareness on food, volunteer mobilization and citizen activism, and tackling organizational challenges in AID..


Low input farming for a sustainable India




Agrarian Crisis in India

Starting in the 1990s, agriculture in India -- particularly in rural India -- has declined at a devastating rate. This has had a calamitous impact on the livelihoods associated with agriculture. Symptoms of this agrarian distress, unprecedented in post-Independent India, is a high rate of suicides amongst farmers. The crisis is characterized by low institutionalized credit to small farmers, predatory lending, lowering farm productivity and deepening indebtedness amongst small farmers.

Every 30 minutes, a famer commits suicide as farming has become unsustainable due to high input costs

Come and listen to Kiran Vissa on how AID is addressing the agrarian crisis.